Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker

nostalgia electrics cotton candy maker
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At the home of The Cotton Candy Maker, some may say we have an unnatural love for all things cotton candy. This is an undeniable possibility. Here I am again asking you to indulge our obsession. Today I would like to take the opportunity to rave about the Nostalgia Electrics RETRORED Cotton Candy Maker, which is by far one of my favorites cotton candy makers for the kitchen.

This retro designed cotton candy maker can only be described as super sexy. This description may be a stretch for an appliance but imagine this sleek red creation sitting on your counter-top. If cotton candy wasn’t such a pleasure to make in our household, I assure you I would not allow anyone to even touch it.

Moving past its ornamental beauty, I should maybe take this opportunity to let you know that not only is it good looking but it makes delicious and perfect cotton candy.

This compact machine performs impressively for its size. Warming up in a speedy five minutes, you will soon have sweet fluffy clouds to eat and at the same time entertain any guests. This little performer makes cotton candy from both sugar and hard candy. This opens the door to endless creativity when it comes to mixing and matching your favorite flavors.

The Nostalgia Electrics RETRORED is a breeze to use and just as easy to clean. Its stores away easily due to its size and weight but as I mentioned before, this machine should have center-stage and with out a doubt, be permanently on display.

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