About Cotton Candy

Introducing the basics about Cotton Candy! Since the early 15th Century, a form of spun sugar existed that we know as Cotton Candy today. It was originally enjoyed by only the upper class of society as it was an expensive and labor intensive process.

Cotton Candy goes by several names like Candy Floss, Fairy Floss, Sugar Glass and Ghosts Breath. This sugary treat is made of 99.9% sugar with just a hint of food coloring and in some cases, flavoring. It is made by heating sugar and as it liquefies, it is spun through tiny holes. As it cools, it re-solidifies into thin sugar strands that we know and love as Cotton Candy.

about cotton candy

More About Cotton Candy…

Cotton candy can be found though out the world, bringing smiles to kids and grownups alike. Synonymy’s with fun and celebration, Cotton Candy is the perfect accompaniment at any fair or festival. With modern advances, these fun making machines are now available to all of us. A variety of counter top styles and sized making their way into every home.

The United States now celebrates National Cotton Candy Day on the 7th of December. Something so simply sweet and special deserves a day to itself. We at The Cotton Candy Maker are happy to help you celebrate year round and hope you include this sweet treat in all your celebrations.

With cotton candy machines designed to work with hard candies, even the ultra health conscious can enjoy the fluffy treat using sugar free candy. Sugar addicts can find some comfort in the reported low calorie count of a single serving of cotton candy. As with everything, we should all practice moderation but on those cheat days, why not relive childhood nostalgia with a cotton candy spoil. One ounce measuring in at 110 calories which is not enough to break any diet.