Kids Cotton Candy Maker

kids cotton candy maker

Which is the best kids cotton candy maker? Well, in our book, any cotton candy maker or cotton candy machine is perfect for kids. There are however some that are better than others when it comes to our children operating the machines by their tiny selves. Kids Really Love the Nostalgia Electrics PCM305 Vintage Part of the…

How to Make Cotton Candy

how to make cotton candy

Have you ever wondered how to make cotton candy? Fortunately for all of us, there are few things easier and more fun than making cotton candy. If you have just treated yourself to one of these timeless and versatile fun making machines, you are in for not just a sugary treat but for some fantastic…

Cotton Candy Machine

commercial cotton candy machine

Whenever it comes to deciding which Cotton Candy Machine to invest your money in, you have to look at the various options, compare them against each other and decide which machine will best suit your needs and expectations.   #1 – Great Northern Flufftastic With regards to affordability, the Great Northern Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine…

Cotton Candy Maker

cotton candy maker

Some of the factors that you should always bears in mind when buying any cotton candy maker, is affordability and purpose. One always thinks about what the product will be used for and is it worth the cost. Cotton candy makers are definitely guarantees a fun experience for the whole family when it comes to…

Fun Cotton Candy Ideas & Creations


Cotton Candy Ideas are reaching a new level of popularity. Who would have thought that cotton candy could be so stylish? It’s a stunning addition to any celebration, from kiddies parties and Kitchen Tea’s to Weddings and Anniversaries, cotton candy adds a little extra fun and flair to your decor. Cotton Candy Ideas for Any Event If…

How to Make Cotton Candy Sugar

how to make cotton candy sugar

If your cotton candy craving has just kicked in and you want mouth watering colored floss right now, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to make cotton candy sugar in minutes. If you would like to add a little flavoring, by all means! Mix smaller amounts of sugar if…

Who Invented Cotton Candy?


There are several claims to who invented cotton candy. The earliest claim traces back to a form of spun sugar found in Italy in the 15th century. Sadly, at the time this was not a plentiful treat enjoyed by the masses. Spun sugar was a luxury only the wealthy enjoyed as sugar was expensive and…

About Cotton Candy

about cotton candy

Introducing the basics about Cotton Candy! Since the early 15th Century, a form of spun sugar existed that we know as Cotton Candy today. It was originally enjoyed by only the upper class of society as it was an expensive and labor intensive process. Cotton Candy goes by several names like Candy Floss, Fairy Floss,…

Chinese Folk Cotton Candy Creation

chinese folk cotton candy creation

Currently sitting at close to 1.5 Million views on YouTube at the time of writing this article, this cotton candy flower from China is an incredibly beautiful creation. It undoubtedly thrills and excites both children and adults waiting in line for this spectacular treat. It takes about 3 minutes to create and includes spinning separate…

About Us

cotton candy sugar treats

The Cotton Candy Maker is a website dedicated to the colorful candy clouds. Small bursts of clouds that have children and parents looking forward to any celebration. No carnival visit is complete without sticky fingers and a sugar rush.