Cotton Candy Machine

Whenever it comes to deciding which Cotton Candy Machine to invest your money in, you have to look at the various options, compare them against each other and decide which machine will best suit your needs and expectations.


#1 – Great Northern Flufftastic

great northern flufftastic cotton candy machine

With regards to affordability, the Great Northern Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine is the more affordable option, but with affordability, often quality is not always guaranteed and as a result, parts may begin to malfunction which may lead to a frustrating cotton candy making experience.

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#2 – Cuisinairre Commercial

cuisinairre cotton candy machine

A fantastic middle of the range in price and performance is the Cuisinairre Tabletop Commercial Cotton Candy Machine. This machine is an all rounder. Reliable and attractive, this is a neat machine that suits most needs.

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#3 – Paragon Classic Floss 5

paragon cotton candy machine

The Classic Floss 5 is more expensive, but by paying a little bit more, you are able to reap the benefits as this cotton candy machine offers more reliability with fluffier and softer cotton candy.

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Which Cotton Candy Machine Is Better?

All three of these cotton candy machines are heavy machines because of the heating elements encased in each of them. The cotton candy maker which helps to eliminate this problem is the higher priced Classic Floss 5, which has accessories available for purchase such as the Stand and Cart which are good investments if the device needs to be portable on a daily basis. However, this does make it less easy to simply store this device in, for example, a kitchen cupboard or even on top of the kitchen counter. This is where the smaller cotton candy machine, the Great Northern Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine will be more beneficial if space is an issue.

These machines are made with front mounted switches that are easily accessible and are clearly marked. However, for those who believe in safety first when it comes to using devices requiring large amounts of temperature and are powered by electricity, Great Northern Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine comes standard with a built-in fuse for safety, power stabilization, and wires that are covered, as well as a longer sugar scoop to protect hands from any hot sugar. This makes this machine the safer option for those who have children who may be around this machine whilst it is in use.

Although these machines all have their own unique designs, and are sure to attract any cotton candy lovers’ attention, the Classic Floss 5 will appeal to the more serious candy floss maker, as it just looks like a cotton candy machine that means business and is bound to impress people from all walks of life.

This device will give more returns on your investment because of its high performance head and heavy-duty motor, which is able to produce an output of 1/12 horsepower and as a result, it is able to make larger quantities of cotton candy at a quicker pace than the other cotton candy machines. This allows one to make large quantities of cotton candy before an event as well as during an event, which eliminates the pressure of having to keep up with the demand on production during an event.