Cotton Candy Sugar

If you have just picked up your first Cotton Candy Maker for your home, you are undoubtedly in for some fluffy, sugary fun. Cotton candy is great to eat and just as fun to make, all you need now is to stock up on cotton candy sugar.

There are several cotton candy sugar brands available in the stores and of course, you can even use plain white sugar but if you want to take this experience all the way, Gold Medal Floss Sugar is the best way to go.

Cotton Candy Sugar –¬†Included in your¬†Order:

1 x Blue Raspberry
1 x Pink Vanilla
1 x Cherry

Each carton should yield approx 50-60 cones of cotton candy. This is going to last you a while. To avoid moisture getting to your sugar and turning it into a massive block of hard candy, you may want to store it in mason jars. This will ensure the sugar does not spoil and you will have cotton candy on demand for months to come.

Floss Sugar tastes just like real carnival cotton candy. The 3 most popular flavors are Boo Blu Raspberry, Cherry Berry (my favorite) and Silly Nilly Pink Vanilla. We have tried out several hard candies to create some interesting mixes but nothing tops this selection. And with 14 flavors to choose from, your taste buds will have plenty options.

Cotton candy is ideal for all occasions, from Birthday parties to weddings. It is the magical ingredient that gives any special celebration that additional flair and inspiration. Share the joy and send us your feedback, we so appreciate your feedback.

Floss Sugar has the best texture and flavor and is undoubtedly the best value for money with the cartons making pouring and storing a breeze. Pick up this 3 pack and start creating.

cotton candy sugar


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