Cuisinairre Tabletop Commercial Cotton Candy Machine


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The Cuisinairre Commercial Cotton Candy Machine comes in a fun pink color that promises to produce cotton candy treats that are just as fun.  It has a fuse, heat, and power switch mounted on the front of the machine, which makes for a hassle-free experience.

This machine is a counter top device that allows for easy use.  The Cuisinairre Tabletop Cotton Candy Floss Maker clearly strives to give customers an exceptionally positive experience when it comes to using every day appliances. This cotton candy maker lives up to these high expectations.

The Cuisinairre Cotton Candy Maker functions at an operating output of 1100 Watts . Initial heat up time takes just four to five minutes. Thereafter, the machine is able to operate at 950 Watts with cotton candy being produced almost immediately. This allows for a higher output of cotton candy and as a result is suitable to use at any schoolyard market, church event or simply for use at home. Either way, this device is able to produce up to seven servings of cotton candy floss per each sugar fill.

What We Love About The Cuisinairre Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

  • The design of this cotton candy maker is sleek, funky
  •  The functional design allows for easy, and stress-free usage
  • Minimal knobs and buttons allows for fuss-free usage
  • You do not have to be tech savvy to be able to use this product
  • Heats up and produces perfect cotton candy quickly

What’s Included

  • Conveniently fuse, heat, and power switch displayed on the front of the machine
  • This cotton candy maker also comes with a removable stainless steel bowl that is easy to remove and can be washed with soap and water.
  • This cotton candy machine includes a stainless steel sugar scoop as well as an extra drive belt

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Additional Info

  • This cotton candy maker has a stainless steel bowl that is easily removable and is easy to wash with just soap and water.
  • This cotton candy maker is able to make up to a maximum of seven servings per each sugar fill
  • Clear instructions on how to replace the belt as well as instructions on how to service the belt
  • This machine weighs in at 28 pounds and stands at 20 inches tall, which does not allow for easy movement.
  • Operates at 1100 Watts
  • This machine uses floss sugar which is available in various flavors. Cotton candy cones and sugar are sold separately. These supplies can be bought at your nearest confectionery store or click here to see what we recommend.




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