West Bend Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker


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The West Bend Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker arrives ready for action. You just can’t beat this incredible price and its a breeze to use and clean. It includes 6 disposable cones and a measuring scoop so you will be ready to start spinning cotton candy immediately. Just have your sugar ready and in minutes, you will be eating this tasty treat.

This cotton candy maker forms a part of the Back to Basics range which is offered by one of the most recognized companies called West Bend, which has been around for over 100 years. This machine really lives up to its title as it has a design that exudes simplicity, yet it also manages to be adorable and fun. The base of this machine is white with a few pink accents which is bound to attract the interest of any fun, quirky sugary treat enthusiast.

This machine can make cotton candy by using hard candy as well as regular, colored sugar. However, it is advisable to first finely crush the hard candy so that the candy does not damage the device. Sugar packets and cones are available as a cotton candy kit but will have to be purchased separately. This device includes 6 disposable cones and a measuring scoop.

This device is small and does not weigh a lot. It is just under 11 inches long and weighs under 5 pounds, therefore it will not take up much countertop space and will be easy to store. This machine is more suitable for home usage as it functions like an everyday household appliance, using just 500 Watts, which means that it is unable to meet the demands for large quantities of cotton candy. It is a good idea to keep this machine ready to go for events such as birthday parties or for personal events.

This cotton candy maker is available from online retailers, as well as directly from the manufacturer, at a lower price point, which unfortunately does not always guarantee quality parts, but this should not be an issue as this machine comes with a 1 Year Warranty should anything go wrong with the device.

What We Love About The West Bend Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker

  • The unique and adorable design of this machine manages to be both simple and attractive
  • Easy to use because of its simplistic design, with one front mounted ON/OFF power switch
  • This machine is able to produce cotton candy using finely crushed hard candy as well as colored and granulated sugar

What’s Included

  • This device comes with 6 disposable cones and a measuring scoop
  • A 1 Year Warranty is also offered with this device

Additional Info

  • A metal bolt will need to be removed in order for the user to be able to remove the metal spinner for washing purposes, which means that it is not that easy to disassemble this unit
  • The plastic bowl and shield are easy to clean as the sugar simply dissolves in hot water
  • This machine requires a warm up period of up to 5 minutes prior to usage
  • There are 3 small suction cups attached under this device to help prevent it from moving around too much, but it is advisable to keep an eye on the machine during both the heating process and whilst it is being used




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