Who Invented Cotton Candy?

There are several claims to who invented cotton candy. The earliest claim traces back to a form of spun sugar found in Italy in the 15th century. Sadly, at the time this was not a plentiful treat enjoyed by the masses. Spun sugar was a luxury only the wealthy enjoyed as sugar was expensive and labor-intensive to produce.

Who Invented Cotton Candy?

Fast forward to 1897 in Nashville, Tennessee. A dentist, William Morrison and a candy maker, John C. Wharton came together and invented the first Cotton Candy machine and the resulting magical Candy Floss we are so familiar with today. They first introduced Cotton Candy to the world in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis and called it “Fairy Floss”. It was an instant success! 68 655 boxes were sold at 25¢ per box, bringing in over $17,000.00. That is more than $410,000 in today’s dollars. Impressive earnings for a few teaspoon of sugar and some fresh air.

who invented cotton candy

In 1921, Joseph Lascaux, yet another dentist, this time from New Orleans, Louisiana. He invented a similar automatic cotton candy making machine which drastically sped up the production process. Lascaux patented the sugary tufts as “cotton candy” and clearly, this time around, the name stuck. In the 1970’s, further advancements were made to the automatic cotton candy machine. This allowed for mass production to supply stores, carnivals and fairs with unlimited amounts of the sticky treat. Regardless of who invented cotton candy, an Italian or a dentist, it remains a symbol of childhood fun and happiness.

Cotton Candy adds excitement to childhood memories, a circus just wouldn’t be a circus without this sweet, sticky stuff.

Wherever you may be, should you spot a cotton candy stand, you know there is fun to be had.

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